Worst Tumblr Ever.

Get Back! Get Back! You Don't Know Me Like That!
The artist as a procrastinatoras someone tired of reading articlesas someone tired of writing papersas a complaineras a red rangeras someone very worried about the last two weeks of the termas a douchebag

The artist as a procrastinator
as someone tired of reading articles
as someone tired of writing papers
as a complainer
as a red ranger
as someone very worried about the last two weeks of the term
as a douchebag

  1. janizzle said: yikes.
  2. proper-superhero-shit said: thought you were han solo
  3. onefootinthegrave said: whoever decided that red is a color in the Pirates palette should be stuffed into a cannon and fired into the sun. Black. Gold. Gray for road jerseys. THAT’S IT.
  4. ashpocalypse said: I’ve seen worse looking douchebags.
  5. onabicyclefortwo said: That is an awesome hat.
  6. correctivepencilmarkss said: Reminds me of the moment that it occurred to me that having Trina as the Yellow Ranger was kind of racist.
  7. dismissivejerkoffmotion said: Toolbag.
  8. kristendotcom said: Totally nailed that last one!
  9. yawneyeroll said: always disappointed when you’re not Harrison Ford.
  10. fatmanatee said: that’s a good hat
  11. thenewhotness posted this
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