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You get to watch one new season, which do you pick:

Arrested Development


Game of Thrones?

  1. montrealmighteatitsyoung answered: game of thrones
  2. meganomalous answered: arrested development. reading dem other books
  3. somebarebones answered: Arrested Development.
  4. kristendotcom answered: GoT
  5. allyoumochalattes answered: Game of Thrones EASY.
  6. acegemtura said: Arrested Development, hands down.
  7. suckstoyourassmar answered: AD
  8. poopquotes answered: Arrested Development
  9. danhacker answered: Game of Thrones
  10. thiscece said: Arrested Development
  11. literallyanythingelse answered: Arrested Development but only if it’s good like the previous ones. Fuck Game of Thrones either way BRING THE HATE BITCHES
  12. mytiger-myheart said: Write in vote for Firefly
  13. chrismilllo answered: i cannot choose.
  14. janizzle answered: I’m writing in a vote for Breaking Bad.
  15. tragicallykatie answered: GAME OF THRONES
  16. timeandcircumstance said: Game of thrones.
  17. legs-sadovsky answered: game of thrones, no contest
  18. ktlynham answered: game of thrones
  19. enajyentihw said: AD
  20. writinginbedagain answered: Fuuuuuck. It’s gonna have to be Arrested Development because I can’t just read the books on that.
  21. proper-superhero-shit answered: game of thrones
  22. hpthugcraft answered: Arrested Development, as it only exists in one medium.
  23. alex-lately said: GOT
  24. listenupfives answered: I love Arrested Development, but I trust the direction of Game of Thrones more.
  25. staceyjoy answered: Game of Thrones
  26. serialsghostwritten said: Gotta go with Game of Thrones….I don’t have faith in the renewing of Arrested Development…I can’t believe they can regain the momentum of the 1st/2nd season.
  27. citysmyplayground answered: game of thrones
  28. boringerik answered: Easily Arrested Development.
  29. scottowilliams answered: GOT. Not easy though.
  30. scoutripley answered: arrested. read the GoT books
  31. colleentie answered: arrested development in the game of thrones world. House of Bluth.
  32. omgstopembarrassingyourself answered: game of thrones 4vr
  33. machinegunmiddlefingers answered: AD. Buy the GoT books.
  34. kellyangryburger answered: GAME OF THRONES/BONERS
  35. blendedupbaby answered: AD
  36. correctivepencilmarkss answered: Arrested Development. Read all five GoT books, can’t step to my nerd game.
  37. tooprettytosmile said: Arrestedddddddddddddd. Cut short in its prime…poor thing.
  38. mikeypizzle said: Arrested development
  39. im-a-monsterrrrr answered: GoT. Let’s be honest, AD season 3 wasn’t the best and I don’t have the highest of hopes for the new one.
  40. brain-food said: Arrested Development
  41. tumultuousgirl answered: Game of Thrones. I love Arrested Development with all my soul, but I feel like it had enough of an ending for me.
  42. the-stig answered: Arrested Development, duuuuuhhhhh
  43. kaaayrutledge answered: arrested development
  44. perpetualtoska answered: Seriously? This is like asking me if I’d rather eat chocolate cake or shit. Arrested Development…obviously.
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