Worst Tumblr Ever.

Get Back! Get Back! You Don't Know Me Like That!

Anonymous asked: Youre lovely but it's like you have the worst taste in everything . Or maybe not worst, but very meh and uninteresting

Tell me about it

  1. burningbrooklynbridges said: best post
  2. suchacard said: taste battlez
  3. jhermann said: Your face is like a six if I was drunk but you’re personality doesn’t get past a two unless I’m freebasing. Meh
  4. machinegunmiddlefingers said: hahahaha but youre lovely
  5. party-wok said: bahahaha
  6. omgstopembarrassingyourself said: are you sending hate mail to yourself?
  7. dismissivejerkoffmotion said: Pretty sure I have gotten this same exact message before.
  8. thenewhotness posted this
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