Worst Tumblr Ever.

Get Back! Get Back! You Don't Know Me Like That!

This is exactly what I imagine Brooklyn is like and this is the face I made while watching that video*

  1. thefrenemy said: It really shocks me sometimes how angry and twisted my face looks during other people’s moments of joy
  2. spiralingsidewayz said: The fuck did I just watch?
  3. suchacard said: admittedly I was a little cringey watching this but idk why we insist that whiteppldancing is something to be embarrassed about if it feels good and its fun and hurting exactly 0 people and maybe making some laugh?
  4. lettspartyx said: I definitely want to say that this isn’t what Brooklyn is like, but I went to a bar where a Pop/Cover Polka band was playing once & I loved it. So, I would say I’m not capable of an unbiased opinion.
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