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The Sacramento Kings could soon become the Seattle SuperSonics



  • $525M will be paid to the Kings’ current owners in a deal that would see 65% of the team’s ownership transferred to a group of investors fronted by Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer. If the deal is approved, the investment group intends to move the team to Seattle, and rebrand them as the Seattle SuperSonics in time for the 2013-14 NBA Season. source

Still not sorry we bought the original mediocre SuperSonics and made them into one of the best teams in the NBA. Maybe you can do the same, Seattle, maybe.


As a fan of the Pens who very nearly moved to Kansas City several years ago if not for le magnifique I have a general dislike of moving franchises

but you know what? fuck it.

Sacramento was done raw by the maloofs but at least this new ownership group is being honest about their intentions (*cough*OKC*cough*) 

I want an nba team to root for beyond just the cheering for players, like I have been the past 25 years

I refuse to give into portland because I can’t forgive how I feel their medical staffs have ruined brandon roy and greg oden

and despite the fact that my Brooklyn Internets shirt is my current favorite tshirt, I can’t really go all in with brooklyn because man, that seems like front running to the nth degree.

So, Seattle, it’s up to you. You’re close enough to where I live to have it make some sense. You’re new but also have some history.

If the NBA returns to seattle, I’ll do my best to try and adopt them as my team

(until, of course, pittsburgh gets a club. Then all bets are off.)

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  10. poetfire said: Seattle is located in King County. They should be named the King County Kings. Seriously.
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    This makes me so so sad!!!
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    Or tomorrow. Or ever.
  14. jasonstiff said: That’s great for my second home of Seattle, but I maintain they should not become the SuperSonics. They should keep the name Kings, since Seattle is in King County. This stuff writes itself. :-)
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  16. kingskeepmarching said: odd, I thought Sac approved a new stadium so that they could keep The kings
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    As a fan of the Pens who very nearly moved to Kansas City several years ago if not for le magnifique I have a general...
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    OMG… As a girl who lived in the Emerald City and loves her NBA Basketball (Rockets, natch), this EXCITES me! :o)
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