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Is hate dating a thing? Is that like 5 levels past hate following someone?

Just hating someone so much you can’t stand it but also you feel obligated to watch their trainwreck of a life unfold, only you are also dating them?

  1. meganomalous said: I thought that was something called “16 & pregnant” ?
  2. wallofdis said: I don’t know about dating, but I have definitely offered to hang out with a friend just to hear about and/or witness the train wreck from a front-row seat.
  3. myheartonthefloor said: Well idk if its a thing but I kind of get the concept and I think I love it
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    yes this must be like a long term hate fucking but more psychological
  5. omgstopembarrassingyourself said: I’m pretty sure I’ve done that.
  6. janizzle said: If so then that probably explains the other side of most relationships that I’ve been in.
  7. somelikeitdrunk said: if anything, dating them can unfold the trainwreck that is their life more quickly. And you can exercise some control over it. WOW this is why I am bad at dating people.
  8. taliabobalia said: no that’s called being too big of a pussy to end a relationship and rationalizing the decision.
  9. dismissivejerkoffmotion said: Well hate fucking is a thing, so sure.
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