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On King Kong

When I was eighteen years old I worked at a book store.  Not a cool book store, mind you, not the kind that makes you seems deep to freshman girls that live in your dorm when they first get into reading Nick Hornby.

I worked in a text book store.  I wore a yellow smock, with a name tag, and had to keep three pens on me at all times. It was boring and the management could kind of be dickheads sometimes (like when they scheduled me past closing the first day I moved into the freshman dorm so when I finally got back to the dorm there wasn’t a single soul on the floor and I spent my first night as an independent adult at the movies. By myself. Watching March of the Penguins… but that’s neither here nor there).

Anyway, so this job kinda sucked and sometimes it would burn me out while I was there and you ever walk into a fast food place and see someone sitting by themselves and think how sad it was? I was that guy.  But, don’t worry, this story becomes uplifting shortly. You see, sharing the parking lot with the book store was a Burger King, and while I believe BK is one of the nastiest fast food places around, there were limited options for a 1/2 hour lunch break.  So, I would go into BK once or twice a week and eat a rodeo burger and count the minutes until I could go back to the dorm. Until, one day, Burger King decided to do a promotion with the movie King Kong.

And then… everything changed.

Because the promotion was a Chocolate Banana Milkshake that rocked. my. world. Choco/Banana shakes quickly climbed the ranks to become my favorite milkshake on record.

I tell you that story to better inform this.  The King Kong promotion eventually ended as did my employment with the book store (because I’m bad about stuff like that I told them I was moving to North Carolina, which for a while I thought I was but I maintained that story with them long after I decided I wasn’t). However, I still had the hunger for Choco/Banana shakes and there were no establishments that sold them and being a lowly college freshmen I didn’t have the proper resources to make my own.

The summer after one of my least favorite jobs to date I had one of my most favorite, installing security cameras and being a poolboy/grassmower for the owner of the security camera company.  It was back in the town that I went to high school in and, also in that town, a new burger shack had opened - Lori’s Dip and Twist.  They toasted their buns and put sea salt on their fries and, most importantly, had chocolate banana milkshakes.  It was a great place that my friends and I frequented everyday after our respective jobs and during our lunch breaks.  It was owned by a nice couple named Lori and Lippy and they were very excited about how well their new business was doing.  Lippy would talk about how he was purchasing big screen TV’s to put on the walls to watch hockey games and was building a deck around back for outdoor sitting. He was very excited.  

Unfortunately, at the end of that summer my friends and I all left town to return to our respective colleges and the D&T no longer had enough business to stay open.  They were closed before Christmas break and the building is currently, I believe, a jiu-jitsu dojo.  

Anyway, Chocolate Banana is still my favorite flavor of milkshake, but I can’t drink one without thinking about Lori and Lippy closing up shop and remembering Lippy talk about the TV’s he was gonna install for hockey season.

There’s no point to this story.

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