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Blue meth found in New Mexico, feds say


APMethamphetamine tinted blue is showing up in the Four Corners region of the US, the same area where blue meth was made infamous in the fictional AMC TV series ‘Breaking Bad.’

A Department of Homeland Security official says distributors are tinting the drug with chemicals in order to advertise and brand their product, although the blue meth is making users sick.

As opposed to traditional varieties of meth which is making its users stronger, faster, and more charismatic.

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Man Killed During Argument Over Texting at Movie Theater


He was shot and killed for texting during the previews—not the movie itself, the previews.

Texting is annoying, but shooting someone in a movie theater is far worse.


I just had to reread a page three times

Because every time I got to the bottom of the page I realized that I didn’t remember what I had just read because I was singing Flight of the Conchords to myself in my head

She turns 53 tomorrow. How the fuck does that work

She turns 53 tomorrow.

How the fuck does that work

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