Worst Tumblr Ever.

Get Back! Get Back! You Don't Know Me Like That!

My last will and testament

So, I have this hoodie that I purchased with pre-cut short sleeves because I’m the worst person on earth and whenever I put it on I play Eye of the Tiger and put the hood up, like I’m about to start a sparring session, but then I just watch netflix.

Lamest Truth

I haven’t kept up with Parks and Rec in a few seasons and only watch parts that I’ve already seen the gifs of and look funny

and 99% of the time I find the gifs of the jokes funnier than the actual jokes performed on the show..

summacumnihil said: "drips" I see Nancy is rubbing off on you.

Late to the game on this but

tumblr allowing you to search the entire web with their search function

is like the least useful functionality change that I can imagine. 

Well the good die young, so I can only assume it’s still around.

Well the good die young, so I can only assume it’s still around.

True Boring Story About This Blog

So, initially this started as a different blog with a different name but I got bored with that and I had just finished undergrad and was working a shit job at a hospital and wanted to do something more with it.

So, I thought I would try and make this into some sort of aggregator tumblr of The Daily What variety and just post about current events with a brief commentary but basically try to make it this like some unnamed news site, and it was essentially going to be talking about whatever topics were “the new hotness” of the day. I know. 

I know.

Anyway, I had a different icon already to go - a blue and yellow and purpleish thing that had the letters TNH inside a diagonal lightning bolt. I know.

I know.

And, what it boils down to is that the reason that didn’t happen was equal parts because I’m too lazy to ever follow through on that, it was a bad idea, and just because I love this Han Solo picture too much to ever use something else.

And now you know… the rest of the story.

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