Worst Tumblr Ever.

Get Back! Get Back! You Don't Know Me Like That!
It ends. 

It ends. 


Annie Loren, age 18, classic Cali girl, steps out of her house into the fresh cali air. “What a rad day to be alive” she says as she starts walking down the sidewalk. Just then a guy rides on his longboard towards her. They both exchange ‘hang ten’ signs. “Californians just get it” Annie says to herself. Continuing her walk she is approached by a drug dealer “Uh oh” thinks Annie. “Hey Annie, you want some weed?” “Weed” and thinks to herself and just then her Californian blood takes over. All she can see is high quality photos of different varieties of refer. All she can hear is Snoop Doggy Dogg’s Smoke Weed Everyday ft Dr. Dre. “Yes” Annie blurts out as if she had no control over her body. “Here you go. Grade A Cali Kush!” The drug dealer says. “Thank you!” Annie says and they both exchange “hang ten” signs. Another typical day in Cali for classic Cali girl Annie Loren! 

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the cool thing is that woody can totally read all of your thoughts on the dashboard of his typewriter. 

Celebrity Funny is veering dangerously into Athlete Funny

where we’re so desperate for something beyond robotic humanoids being our idols that we cling to and elevate any sort of outside of the norm behavior.  

This leads to stuff like people thinking photobombs are the funniest shit on the planet.


Big shout out to Spotify for removing their best feature, the “related artists” tab

Aaaaannnnd spotify just became 100x less useful to me. 

EDIT: Actually according to the spotifycares twitter account it looks like this might be a glitch somehow. That explains why when you open a new artist you can still see the old tab for a split second.

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